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MuseumsQuartier Winter 2009

MQ Winter 2009 Poster
© MuseumsQuartier Wien: Winter 2009 Poster

Winter im MQ 2009 ( 12.11. bis 23.12. )
Eröffnung, Gewinnspiel, MQ Eislaufplatz, Winter Sounds…
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Vienna Design Week 2009

Photo: Urban Gardening © FREITAG courtesy Walking-Chair Gallery The aim of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK is to show and enable people to experience the many-faceted creative work in the fields of product, furniture and industrial design, but also positions of experimental design. After two successful festivals in 2007 and 2008, also this October an exquisite and colourful programme of events will be awaiting the visitors. Design has been and is an important field in the production of culture: it shapes our material culture, our everyday life and our consumer world, it influences our lifestyles and fashions and most fundamentally our aesthetic sense and judgements. This wide-ranging impact is a reason both to celebrate design and to examine it critically, and VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has made both of these its mission.
Vom 1. bis 11. Oktober 2009
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Japan Media Arts Festival 2009

Japan Media Arts Festival in Vienna
Die Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan und die Computer Graphic Arts Society in Kooperation mit dem MuseumsQuartier präsentiert das “Japan Media Arts Festival in Vienna 2009″. Im Mittelpunkt des Festivals stehen beispiellose kreative Ideen, die sich an den Schnittstellen von Kunst, Unterhaltung, Animation und Manga verorten.
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Eröffnung: Fr 11.09., 19h
12. bis 20.09.
Ort: quartier21, Ovalhalle und Arena21
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