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Sci-Fi Illustrationen von Tadanori Yokoo

genka Tadanori Yokoo
In 1975, graphic artist Tadanori Yokoo produced hundreds of pen and ink drawings for Genka (”Illusory Flowers”), a historical novel by Harumi Setouchi that recounts the struggles of Tomiko Hino, the wife of shogun Yoshimasa Ashikaga (1435-1490). The fanciful illustrations, which do not appear to directly reflect the content of the story, were published along with the novel in a long series of installments in the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper.

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Japan Media Arts Festival 2009

Japan Media Arts Festival in Vienna
Die Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan und die Computer Graphic Arts Society in Kooperation mit dem MuseumsQuartier präsentiert das “Japan Media Arts Festival in Vienna 2009″. Im Mittelpunkt des Festivals stehen beispiellose kreative Ideen, die sich an den Schnittstellen von Kunst, Unterhaltung, Animation und Manga verorten.
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Eröffnung: Fr 11.09., 19h
12. bis 20.09.
Ort: quartier21, Ovalhalle und Arena21
Eintritt frei!

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